Books for Families

The first full-color Minecraft book written by Moms, for Moms. If you just “don’t get it,” this is a MUST read!

I haven’t ordered this one yet but its by the same publishers of a lot of the others I have and they are all good.

Going on a road trip and don’t want your kids staring at screens the whole time. A parent saw this at a workshop the other day and said “Wow this will be perfect to take on our holiday”

Inside you will find: Drawings of your favorite minecraft characters Drawings of Minecraft Monsters and Animals Pictures of Minecraft Food Pictures of Action scenes … and much, much more!

This is an excellent book! Family-Friendly Projects for Exploring and Teaching Math, Science, History, and Culture Through Creative Building

Minecraft is sharpening the minds of a whole generation of kids. Math, physics and freedom of creation are only some of the elements involved in the game that will exercise, truly test, and expand the limits of your brain.

Resources for Educators

Learn how educators are using Minecraft® as a powerful instructional tool to engage students and teach subjects as varied as math and humanities.

This is a really great book you may have seen laying on a table at a Minecraft Camp. It’s designed for Homeschoolers but if you are a teacher or want to extend your kids through Minecraft then this book is a must.

Do you have a student (or a few) who hates to write but loves to build online? Why not use his love of the game to inspire a desire to write?

Teacher Craft is about how teachers learn to use new digital media. Teacher learning is central to reform and change across subject areas and age levels, but how much do we really know about how teachers learn to try new lessons in classrooms?

Sentence Craft is an engaging system that helps students from elementary to high school write more effective, creative sentences using the crafting process from the popular Minecraft video game as a metaphor.

The Minecraft Animation Studio combines real-life objects with a mobile app so that kids can direct their own beginnings and endings. Use your mobile device to aim and shoot then swap out environments to tell a different story

Other cool stuff

Is your child obsessed with Minecraft?

KoalaSafe lets you easily manage the time they spend online and you’re no longer the bad guy.

I know it may seem strange that a Minecraft Camp company is promoting limiting time online. Well I just want what’s best for you and your kids and this tool is a huge help. It will also keep your kids safe with Youtube Safesearch and Google Safesearch.  
I ordered mine early in 2016 and I love how it helps me manage my daughters internet usage. Of  particular concern to me was the youtube videos she used to end up watching.