We have been doing Minecraft Camps in Perth under a few different names since 2013. If you have heard of Minecraft Camps in Perth before then thats us! We are now so popular that we are expanding into other areas too. We are all educators in various forms. We sometimes take on the role of entertainer but don’t be fooled as there is deep and meaningful learning going on underneath all that fun and playing.

We are building a connected community of Minecrafters so that friendships are formed and we can all help each grow. If your kids are playing Minecraft then you definitely want to join up with us so you can rest easy knowing that your kids are playing with other local kids who have also been to a Mind Buzz Camp.

Sean Firth, the owner of Mind Buzz, has been a teacher for over ten years and the last few as principal. Sean took a bit of convincing that Minecraft is an amazing educational tool but once he saw it in action in the classroom he was converted and is now a passionate advocate of games based learning.