Minecraft Camps

A Minecraft camp is about learning Minecraft skills on the computer and making new friends. PC’s are far superior to the other platforms from an educational point of view so thats why we use them. We are also very big on learning from each other and teamwork and actively encourage cooperation and working together all through the day. We have three principles of EFFORT, EMPATHY, and GROWTH that our day is built on.

Guiding-PrinciplesWe start the day with an introductory talk to parents about what the day will look like, some logistics and then launch into why we do what we do. We start in a tutorial server to focus on controls, keys and other skills needed to navigate successfully. Most kids breeze through this and then we bring their focus back to helping the others who are just starting out. We also teach a bunch of crafting recipes and other basic skills.

After our first break we go into another server where we start to apply the crafting recipes we learnt earlier. We work together to build a community and discuss all the things we may need in that community and how we can all help each other out and meet some basic needs.

We generally have a creative build challenge each workshop. Our server is designed so that each camp has their own workspace and because it’s online they can continue collaborating and building on it once they go home. There are some amazing creations being built and its a good time for students to let their creativity run free.

Later in the day we let the campers have some freedom and choice about where they would like to go and what they would like to do. This is the time when we emphasise taking screenshots to record things and we really focus in on getting the leaders helping out the beginner players.

All throughout the day we have music, movement and stand up mini-meetings. We like to break the time at the computer every 30-60 minutes so we build good habits of stretching, movement and taking “air” breaks.

We encourage parents to come in 15 minutes before the end of the day so that they can re-connect with their kids and learn from them what they have been learning about all day. We also do an end of day wrap-up where we celebrate the new coaches and other leaders in the room and give some instructions on how to access the online server once you go home as the day includes one months access to the server so the kids can continue playing with their new friends.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

The Minecraft Camp/Workshop normally starts at 9am and finishes at 3:00pm. Children can be dropped off from 8.45am and parents/carers need to be at the venue by 2.50pm for pick up. We have a 5 minute information session at the end of the day. Parents are more than welcome to come and go at any stage or even stay all day.

If its a 3 hrs workshop or an after school workshop the times will differ. Sometimes the 3hr ones start at 10am or 2pm or they may start at 9am and 1pm. Please always check your booking and confirmation emails carefully.

Our ideal age range is 6-14 year olds. We do occasionally take older kids depending on circumstance and if your 5 year old is super advanced and already playing on a PC we would consider taking them too. Our most common age range is 8-12

For the any course other than the 6 hr standard Minecraft Camp they should be at least 8 or already attended a Minecraft Camp previously and handled it well. We say 8 yrs and up but if they are slightly younger and already been to a workshop then they should be fine.

Our camps are structured around challenges and collaboration. The advanced Minecraft players get a tremendous amount of growth out of coaching the beginner players. In our camps and online server we encourage them to work to be coaches and moderators, if they are very advanced and demonstrate strong leadership they can be promoted to server Admins.

We find that parents often over estimate their children’s abilities and we also find that some players have developmental holes in their learning. We recommend just sending them along and giving it a go. You have nothing to lose and they have everything to gain. The day is really about friendships and new connections so they will benefit hugely from that alone not to mention the self esteem boost if they truly are advanced.

No you don’t have to stay. We do ask that you hang around for the start as we will go through the logistics of the day and that’s really good info for you to know. We also ask that you come in about 10 – 15 minutes early at the end of the day so you can see what they have done and hear what the next steps are.

No, you do not, but to get the most from our Camps and particularly after the day ends we recommend each child has their own Minecraft account. The Myndcraft server is ‘live’ and they can play on our safe server after the event. We have spare accounts they can use for the day, but anything they build, create or win will not be accessible later. A minecraft account can be purchased from Mojang athttps://account.mojang.comor get a redeem card from coles or woolies as its cheaper. Please remember to bring along their email address used to set the account up, and the password for the same account


  1. Gaming_Panda7146

    I had the best time it rocked. Thanks so much Sean I’m coming again on April the 10th my 2nd camp thanks more making this program it rules!! 🙂 😀