Parents 101

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This course is for parents wanting to know more about the game and how to support their child’s gameplay. Hopefully it answers a few questions and when you have more just ask them in the comments and we will answer and add more and more to the course for the benefit of all.

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  1. Sean Post author

    This is a great place to ask any questions. Your questions will benefit many more parents when I answer them with a lesson/video.

  2. Morgyman

    My kid wont stop talking about getting mods but I dont like him downloading random things off the web. Do you recommend any safe sites for mods?

    1. Sean Post author

      Download Forge from and then go from there. I don’t think there is any safe sites for mods. It’s always a gamble! Try planet Minecraft but then it’s down to the links that the individual posters place. They could literally take you anywhere.

  3. Zapseh

    I am not a parent, nor Sean, by I recommend PlanetMinecraft. It’s where I have gotten my mods/modpacks from and lots of others use it too. There are other minecraft websites, but this is my most favourite. Thanks ~Zaps