FAQ – Parents

How do I found out my childs' PC username?

Firstly it’s the PC account for Minecraft we are working with here. Not xBox, iPad, PlayStation or any other devices. They are ALL different and separate.

You will be able to check the username at https://account.mojang.com

You can also see it at the initial login screen when you start the game.


How to add a student

This requires a subscription to the website and server. You can have one month after your first workshop or you get a month free anyway when you sign up for the monthly plan. You get TWO months free for the annual. Once you have an active subscription an “Enrol New Student” table will show up in the “Students” tab.

  1. Log in as parent
  2. Choose subscription length
  3. Click on “Students”
  4. Enter details in “Enrol new student”
  5. Log out
  6. Log student in with their username and password



Can I change a "User Login" or username?

No. This requires deleting completely the account and setting up a new one. There is no way to change that “User Login” as its hardwired in on creation. So if you have messed it up follow the steps in the images below and be sure to double check the username at https://account.mojang.com

  1. Log in as parent
  2. Click on students on the left
  3. Remove student
  4. Add new student



Whats the server I.P. ?

The server I.P. is Only whitelisted people can get on.


The Server is not showing up

The main reason for this happening is that it’s not set to 1.9.4 (as of Oct 2016). So go to edit profile after you open the game and before you click play. Click on the “Use version:” Dropdown and set it to 1.9.4

1.9.4 is what we are currently using but it will get updated soon enough and then you will need to update this setting again.



How do I add the Mind Buzz server?

Make sure you have downloaded the game from Minecraft.net or Mojang.com and are installing the PC version (NOT the Windows 10 version).






What about Whitelisting?

Whitelisting is now done when you create an account for your child. That’s why it’s important that you put in their PC Minecraft Username correctly. It cannot be changed (without you starting again) so triple check.



We lost our workbook

No problem. All the workbooks can be downloaded in Parents section under “Downloads” and also at most of the course description pages.


My child changed their Minecraft username

No problem. You do not need to do anything. The name can be changed once a month but we don’t need to be notified because we track their username changes with a UUID (Universal I.D.)

The name can be changed once a month but we don’t need to be notified because we track their username changes with a UUID (Universal I.D.)

They can also change their screen name on the Mind Buzz website but it will always be prefixed with their original sign up name (their original Minecraft name) That’s a good thing too as it gets wee bit confusing when kids change their names once a month!!

My child is a Moderator... discount

In recognition of their leadership potential and the work done helping out on the server Moderators get 50% off all events and server subscriptions. They are all in a private skype group and they just need to ask others in the group what the latest working code is.

It will look something like the pictures below when you checkout for events or subscriptions. The discounts do not apply to any other products.



My child is an Admin... discount

That’s awesome! Admins are such a massive help and should be rewarded. That’s why they can come to camps for FREE. They DO need to bring their own laptop and they need to notify the camp leader well beforehand so we can make sure we have room. There may be occasions when we have too many mods or admins apply to be at a camp and we will have to restrict numbers. We will try and allow admins to come to any camps they like for free but it must be okayed by the individual camp leaders first.

Subscriptions are also totally free for admins in recognition of their help and leadership on the server.  The codes for these discounts are given out in the Admin skype group. So ask your kids for them (only if they are admins).