Who we are

Who we are

We equip kids for a successful digital future by teaching leadership and communication strategies alongside of tech skills and digital mastery in a safe digital playground. Smart Creatives are sharp, savvy creators of the future!

We deliver live, virtual and online courses using digital tech to engage kids in leadership, empower them to be creators, and connect & grow with others for a successful future in a fast evolving digital world. We specialise in Minecraft, Coding, Animation and Video alongside the skills of Leadership and Communication needed to be a Smart Creative. 

They learn:

1. To build and maintain their Self Esteem by developing Competence at solving complex problems

2. To Work as productive members of a Community through Creativity, Collaboration and Communication

3. Values based Leadership skills of Purpose, Respect and Empathy

4. The joy of Creating multimedia that is appreciated by others

What is MindBuzz

MindBuzz was formed by Sean Firth mid 2015 after already running over 50 successful Minecraft Camps (workshops) using various servers with another similar group. He took what worked well and has made it even better by starting with why and giving it more purpose. The why of MindBuzz is to empower kids to be smart creatives of the future. We do that through live events, a virtual playground and a social learning platform. These have all been carefully designed with the end in mind of preparing kids to be proactive builders and creators of products, services and their own lives. It’s all about empowerment and we just happen to use Minecraft as one of our main vehicles to teach these skills.

The camps are loved by kids as they get to collaborate and connect with other massive fans andbuild their networks. The courses and events are designed to step kids through a leadership development program which boosts their self-esteem and teaches them real world leadership skills. 

This is seriously making a difference to many kids lives and will have ripple effects that go out and touch millions of lives for the better as these kids grow up as more empathic leaders, designing and creating their lives with awareness. This is a lofty aspiration and it’s not going to happen from a single event but over time and many contact points we will effect positive change together. We welcome you to the team.

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