Mission and Vision

Mission & Vission

MindBuzz's Vision

Smart creatives, empathically, and responsibly, adding massive value to society.

MindBuzz's Mission

Our mission is to empower the future generations of smart creatives with creative mindsets,

technical skills and digital communication . In order for a hi-tech society to thrive we need highly

skilled and creative change agents. Our clients collaborate, learn, and grow in online servers,

courses, and forums and also at live events. We teach and nurture the entrepreneurial and

empathic mindsets of leaders; as well as mastery of the tech skills needed to succeed in a fast

evolving modern world.

MindBuzz’s What

Kids connect, thrive and grow in our live events and our digital playgrounds. A digital playground is

a live or virtual, gamified, social learning space. In them we teach leadership skills alongside of

tech skills for digital mastery. Tech savvy leaders are the Smart Creatives of the future.

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