Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Other than a cancelation due to a COVID19 Lockdown you are entitled to a full refund of your enrollment fees:

 (i) for our online offerings, by notifying Mind Buzz no later than 2 weeks of signing up 

(ii) for our events, by notifying Mind Buzz no later than 48 hours prior to the start time of the event. 

In the unfortunate case of a COVID19 Lockdown you will recieve a credit for use at a future camp. You will have agreed to this at the time of booking. If you don't agree then please don't book. 

Refunds will not be granted should you choose to cancel your enrollment in any online offering or event after the applicable deadline set forth in the preceding sentences or cancel your membership during the course of its term except for verified medical and other emergencies, which will be determined by the sole discretion of Mind Buzz. 

A refund will not be granted if your child is banned from the server due to a breach of this Terms of Service or Code of Conduct or if you request deletion of your child’s account per our Privacy Policy

You understand that Mind Buzz reserves the right to cancel any event or any camp session. If an event or camp session is cancelled, Mind Buzz will grant you the option to either: 

(a) apply your enrolment fees as a credit to enrol your child in another event or camp session or 

(b) receive a refund of your enrolment fee. 

You understand that if Mind Buzz is forced to cancel any hosted event or camp session due to acts of nature or an unauthorised attempt to corrupt our website, or Minecraft server, Mind Buzz may not be able to grant you a refund of your enrolment fees.

If you have further questions on our Refund Policy, please feel free to get in touch using Contact Us.

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