Our Minecraft Camps are supported by a great group of student leaders who have stood out in camps as natural helpers and have been ranked up to a coach. The next rank after coach is a Moderator and then finally an  Admin. We also have a pathway to become a developer.

We have developed a course for each rank so students can complete them at home in their own time and it's not reliant on coming to camp. When a student finishes a course they need to email us with a screenshot proving completion and then we will rank them up to be a trial-mod, or trial admin. They then prove themselves at that rank level before being granted the full rank. You need to go through them in order: Coach, Mod, Admin with a space of at least a few months between each rank up. 

The courses are being re-made on a new platform at the moment and we anticipate they will be ready in the second half of 2023.