We run Workshops using Minecraft

Minecraft is our preferred tool to facilitate real world learning and collaboration. Helping kids be 'Smart Creatives' is what we do.

Minecraft Camps are fun and educational - a safe haven!

6-14 year olds

Most are 8-12 but 6-year-olds do just fine and 14-year-olds love it.

Multiple Skill Levels

Advanced players are encouraged along a leadership path where they deepen their knowledge.

Workbooks & Print Resources

Well-designed print resources are given out at camp and further resources are available to download for FREE afterwards.


We have many kids with special needs. If they don’t need an aide at school then they will fit right in.

Progressive Skills

Each skill or topic builds on the last. We have a very high proportion of kids come back again and again and they learn much more each and every time.

FREE Lanyards

Everyone gets a camper lanyard and if they earn a coach rank they get a special coach one.

What others are saying about us

Parent testimonial about Minecraft Camps
Not only did he make New friends and learn more about the game, he was extremely excited after the event and talked about what he had learnt. Great experience for any child who likes playing Minecraft.
Alison Robertson
This camp isn’t just about kids playing Minecraft , it’s about kids learning and exploring, building friendships, helping each other and whilst doing all of this- having a FANTASTIC time!!
Kelly Thorning
Mitchell had a super awesome day and is bugging me daily to sign up for the next one! Thank you for giving Gero kids the opportunity to participate in one of your workshops.
Catherine Maclean

Timeline of a Camp

Extra FREE Take Home Things

6 Months FREE Access to the Secure Camp World

Each camp has its own exclusive world that we work and play in. Only campers are allowed in.

Online Courses, and eBooks

Minecraft Camps go fast so we give you heaps of resources so you can keep learning and revise at home. So after the camp your kids can join the courses, tick off the activities in the eBooks, and participate in the online community.

We are always looking to promote leaders at the camps and online too so we made some courses for your kid to succeed in that too. Online leadership will become of paramount importance in the years to come as our world evolves quickly into very high tech!  Best that we start now!

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