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Minecraft Camps are fun & educational - a safe haven!

Designed for fun - Built for learning

Progressive Skills

Each skill or topic builds on the last. We have a very high proportion of kids come back again and again and they learn much more each and every time.

Inclusive  &  Safe

We have many kids with special needs. You are more than welcome. If they don’t need an aide at school then they will fit right in.

Workbooks & Print Resources

Well-designed print resources are given out at camp and further resources are available to download for FREE afterwards.

Multiple Skill Levels

Advanced players are encouraged along a leadership path where they deepen their knowledge.

FREE Stuff

Everyone gets a camper lanyard and if they earn a coach rank they get a special coach one plus a cool booklet that complements the online coach course.

6-14 yr olds

Most are 8-12 but 6-year-olds do just fine and 14-year-olds love it.

What others are saying

This camp's way better than I thought it would be. That's why my daughter has been twice!

Kell Rock

It was worth every cent, the kids loved it!!! It's hard to buy fun that's educational like this.

Renee Miller

Best day out for Minecrafters ever! My son loves going to the Mind Buzz camps.

Jacqui Mooy

A learning community

Kids helping kids and becoming a leader on the way

Through Minecraft, a huge amount can be learned about computer sciencecoding foundations, and how to collaborate and work in virtual environments. We teach 21st-century skills in fun, educational, workshops. 

21st Century Skills

The perfect day to cultivate 21st century skills

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