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What Real Parents Are Saying

Best day out for Minecrafters ever! My son loves going to the Mind Buzz camps.

Jacqui Mooy

This camp's way better than I thought it would be. That's why my daughter has been twice!

Kell Rock

It was worth every cent, the kids loved it!!! It's hard to buy fun that's educational like this.

Renee Miller

What an amazing pop up workshop for children of all skill levels! My son Riley and I couldn't praise them enough for their setup. Riley had a fantastic time and although a fun environment, it was well thought out , educational, and very professional. We look forward to your next session in Armadale.

Alison Robinson

As mums, we hide veggies in our kid's food. Sean hides life lessons in his gaming workshops! Win-win. I was thrilled to find a secure server for my 9yr old to play Minecraft on meaning my kids get to play more and I can still feel safe. Highly recommend these workshops! 

Nicky Thomas

  • Rachelle Fernie Avatar
    Rachelle Fernie

    My son is still talking about what a great day he had today. He was extra happy to be given... read more -

    Tisha Brett Avatar
    Tisha Brett

    My son has done this twice and loved it both days. He can’t stop talking about it. Thanks -

    Kelly Joice-Ribarich Avatar
    Kelly Joice-Ribarich

    Nick highly recommends Mind Buzz camps - his words, "infinity out of 10". -

  • Erin Charteris Avatar
    Erin Charteris

    Our son enjoyed enjoyed yet another awesome Minecraft Camp. Thanks Sean 🙂 -

    Marnie Kelly Avatar
    Marnie Kelly

    My son Jack had a great time at the last camp it was so much fun and meet heaps new... read more -

    Mary Raycraft Avatar
    Mary Raycraft

    My son is bouncing with excitement to get online and have others to play with. He loved the camp... read more -

  • Jus SY Avatar
    Jus SY

    daughter loves it -

    Bonnie Manning Claassen Avatar
    Bonnie Manning Claassen

    my 6 year old son attended his first Mindbuzz camp yesterday and has already asked when the next one is... read more -

    Heidi N Troy Bibby Avatar
    Heidi N Troy Bibby

    My 6 & 7yr old girls attended today's camp in Bunbury and had a fabulous time. They told me... read more -

  • Neville Person Avatar
    Neville Person

    My 8 year old boy attended Sean's MindBuzz camp yesterday at Perry Lakes under the tents. What a great idea... read more -

    Maryann Taylor Avatar
    Maryann Taylor

    What a fantastic day run by great people. Definitely worth the money and I highly recommend this program. -

    Kerry McKechnie Avatar
    Kerry McKechnie

    My 10yo has been playing Minecraft for years and loves it. We were tossing up whether to spend money on... read more -

  • Britt McDonald Avatar
    Britt McDonald

    My two kids went on their first camp today and well they are absolutely buzzing to say the least. They... read more -

    Marcia Fountain Avatar
    Marcia Fountain

    I literally can’t say enough positive things about these camps. Sean and his team are fabulous, my son looks forward... read more -

    Ana Large Avatar
    Ana Large

    Good fun, great activity mix of inside and outside activities -

  • Paula Maynard Avatar
    Paula Maynard

    My daughter loved it. It was her second camp and she was so excited to attend. Thanks Sean � -

    Emma Archer Avatar
    Emma Archer

    Such a great concept and a fabulous day out for my not-little and not-big daughter!! -

What the Kids Are Saying

Hundreds more testimonials!

Karen Mayo- Parent +Thank you Sean and team. What a fabulous time my 12 year old had. I am very impressed how the camp is run, the ages of the kids and their experience levels are taken into consideration. I also love the way Sean can keep them I thrilled the whole time. Boys can be boisterous but Sean gets their undivided attention, without being overbearing. With 12 year old they are on the cusp of other things, but the conversations on the way home were very enlightening and the respect they have for Sean and his team, although it's all Greek to me.
Sean is also very patient with the kids and the parents and I'm sure we (parents) can be asking the same questions, but he answers them all and explains what Minecraft is teaching the kids. He really is helping to shape their futures.
Thank you again I can't praise you and your team enough. I look forward to more camps, whilst the interest is there. I also think the fees are reasonable to.
Joshua Wade - Camper +I can’t believe I have won the Enderdragon! What a great surprise I had today when I got home from school to find a big bag addressed to me and inside was the Enderdragon.
I had such a great day at the camp and kep on looking at the Enderdragon wishing it could be mine and now it is! (I have called him Endy). I can’t wait until the next time I go to Minecraft camp and always tell my friends they must try it too. Thank you so much. From Josh and Endy
Kelly and Mercedes- Parent +This camp isn’t just about kids playing Minecraft , it’s about kids learning and exploring, building friendships, helping each other and whilst doing all of this- having a FANTASTIC time!! This camp was by far so much better than I thought it would be and I guess that’s why my daughter has already been twice and she will definitely going to many more in the future! For those kids who find it hard to make friends- well that’s not the case at these camps, no one is left out, everyone joins in and I would have no doubt that a new friend if not more than one, is made on the day. Fantastic leader, Sean and the helpers too are all brilliant! IT’S A MUST DO!!!
Renee Miller- Parent +What an amazing pop-up workshop for children of all Minecraft skill levels! My son Riley and I couldn’t praise Sean and his set up enough. Riley had a fantastic time and although a fun environment, it was well thought out, educational and very professional.Thank you Sean, we look forward to your next session in Armadale.
Renee Miller- Parent +Worth every cent, the kids loved it! It’s hard to buy fun that’s educational like this and have a babysitter for the day!
Sandrine Anne- Parent +CatwomanIt was Remi’s first camp and just loved it. He was expecting to do a few Saturdays in a row and was very disappointing when I said he would not and would have to wait a bit. He has tried to teach his,stepsister what he learned. Definitely worth attending! He made friends and can’t wait to get in touch through the MindBuzz server. Thank you for the photographs.
Alison Robinson- Parent +TinkerMinecraft camp at Armadale was brilliant!!! My 7 year old enjoyed the Minecraft Camp held last weekend. Not only did he make new friends and learn more about the game, he was extremely excited after the event and talked about what he had learnt. Sean is a great teacher, makes you feel welcome and very knowledgeable with the game. Great experience for any child who likes playing Minecraft. I will be sending Dylan to the next camp held in Armadale.
Alison Robinson- Parent +Highly recommend this camp! Our young bloke thoroughly enjoyed his last one and is already booked in for this again.
Kaiden Lundy- Camper + I have been to 2 minecraft camps so far and I absolutely love them and can’t wait for the next.I have met new friends and have learnt a lot 🙂
Patricia Cotten- Parent +Our boys (Matthew & Sean) really had a great time. They really enjoyed the experience. Sean say it’s cool!
Cheryl Keenan- Parent +Connor’s picI think Connor’s face in this photo says it all. He had a fantastic day and can’t wait till the next one. We went out for dinner later after the camp at Baldivis and he refused to take his MyndCraft lanyard off. He was so proud of it! Thank you for an awesome day!
Danielle Beauchamp- Parent +Cam had a great day today. Thank you so much. He will be coming along again soon. Thanks Sean.
Jonothan King- Parent +Julian (epic ninja) had a fantastic day learning more skills in the world of Minecraft. His previous knowledge was good and this camp built on what he had. Julian found that helping out others was a real joy and I think boosts his self-esteem. Thank you MindBuzz team. Julian would like to do more camps in the future to build on his knowledge.
Karen - Parent +Pink GirlJack had a fantastic day on the camp! He could not wait to tell everyone about it. Although I didn’t think there was much he didn’t know (since all he talks about is Minecraft) he still managed to learn some new things and make some friends to join up with again in the future. He even enjoyed the play time off the laptops! It was a terrific experience for him and I felt completely comfortable and safe with him being there and what he learnt. Waiting with bated breathe for the next one! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks Sean.
Jo Chester- Parent +I think Jack preferred it to Xmas! He had such a blast! Thanks so much! He will definitely be back.
Catherin Maclean- Parent +Mitchell had a super awesome day and is bugging me daily to sign up for the next one! Thank you for giving Gero kids the opportunity to participate in one of your workshops. 🙂
Libby Reid- Parent +Bailey had a great time! He has not stopped talking about it since he’s been home.
Samantha McClelland- Parent +Thank you Sean for coming to Geraldton. Connor, Emma and Ruby loved doing the camp again and have learnt even more second time around. We’ll spread the word for you 🙂
Chrissie Allen- Parent +Brianna and Taj had a fantastic time and came away very impressed. Thank you.
Vanessa McQuade- ParentAdam had an awesome day. He is booked in for April and can’t wait. Thanks for all your hard work and making it a great day for the kids.
Michell Ridge- ParentRiley had a fantastic day! Thanks Sean for all your hard work. We will be back!!!
Darren Sellings- ParentMy son Tristen went to this camp. He went back in November and the team are great! What a great idea this camp is well done to all the team for making this day great for Tristen.
Michelle Hawking- Parent +Thank you for today. The girls absolutely loved it! They raved about it so much that I’ve already booked them in again for the month of November.
Jacqui Mooy- Parent +Tristan and Harriet absolutely loved their first experience of a MindBuzz. I think I was more nervous wreck letting them go for the first time. I was so pleasantly surprised and they cannot wait for the next Joondalup camp and are wanting all their friends to go to. Tristan was so excited to have been made a coach and was very proud. It was wonderful to see the confidence and excitement. I will never have a problem leaving them again. They love it! Thank you.
Jacqui Mooy- Parent +Best day out for Minecrafters ever! My son loves going on the MindBuzz camps!!!
May Roundtuit- Parent +My son has been to these camps twice now and Sean’s camp are fabulous! My and his friends get so much from him. Sean is patient and keeps the engaged. Thoroughly recommended! From a parent’s perspective, I can’t recommend him and his team highly enough! Thank you for a wonderful camp and the boys were buzzed in the car on the way home.
Linda Ward- Grand Parent +My grandson went to the Ellenbrook one, he absolutely loved it and had the best fun!! He met new friends and discovered much. Well worth every single cent. Just raved about it.
Shirl KB- Grand Parent +My grandson went to the one in Ellenbrook as well. He had so much fun! He met some new friends as well.
Kell Rock- Parent +HIGHLY RECOMMEND! All the kids had an amazing time. Sean was brilliant with the kids and I was so impressed that we are definitely booked in again already for this weekend! BRILLIANT. I have a child with Autism and I can’t recommend this enough - Best thing we have ever attended!
Kell Rock- Parent +Highly recommend! This will be my child’s 6th camp.
Kym Robinson- Aunt +I sent my 11 year old nephew to one of these camps. He had a ball, best Christmas present ever he said! They learn all the hacks to play Minecraft at a higher level. It’s a great day for them and there are plenty of new friends who also love Minecraft. Kids take their lunch and snacks and are completely supervised, entertained and best of all… they are learning at a higher level and loving it!!! Definitely worth the money!
Al Spencer- Parent +Your kids will enjoy this camp. Sean runs them all over Perth as well as larger country towns. It’s pretty good day and not an expensive one either.
Elisa Etienne- Parent +Highly recommend! Our son and his group of mates attended Sean’s camp and spoke about it for weeks!!! Great value and kids get a lot out of it.
Elisa Etienne- Parent +My son attended the Ellenbrook camp with his mates and absolutely loved it! Talked about it for days later! 🙂
Nicky Thomas- Parent +As Mums, we hide veggies in our kids food. Sean hides life lessons in his gaming workshops! Win-Win. I was thrilled to find a secure server for my 9 year old to play Minecraft on meaning my kids get to play more and I can still feel safe. Highly recommend Sean’s workshops.
Debbie Hone- ParentMy daughter attended Falcon one and had a fab time!
Ness Gordon- ParentMy son attended one of these sessions just after Christmas in Perth. It doesn’t matter if the kids are already joined to a “server” or play online or not. Sean and his team teach these kids so much more!!! They teach them how to interact with other users, to assist, share and importantly care and be compassionate to those kids that don’t get it as quickly as others. Throughout the session, the kids can earn statuses, from student to coach to legendary, etc. They can win Minecraft prizes such as swords, plushies, etc. They learn not only safe internet interaction whilst online, but, where Minecraft is concerned, a load of helpful game knowledge!!! My son is an extremely shy 9 year old boy who was nervous about attending. However, he loves Minecraft and this day session saw him reach “Coach” level. Walk out with so much “new” knowledge of the game and more importantly self-confidence! He wants to go back next time. One of the beautiful kids that “our kids” got to interact with during their day session online…  has been in PMH for an extremely long time awaiting a transplant. This beautiful boy the kids got to interact with, went in for his organ transplant the very next day. The kids in this session got to form a bond with him and wish him well, give him some fun and smiles online.
Sherryl Hogan- ParentI sent my daughter to one last camp and she totally loved it! It was very well run and we had no problems at all. She is already booked for another camp.
Al Cooper- Parent +My daughter Jo did the last camp in Albany and she loved it! Good on ya Sean. Keep up the good work.
Ricki Clifton- Parent +Already booked my kids. 3rd time they’re going and just love it!!!
Sharon O’Reilly- Parent +My 11 year old son just attended the Baldivis camp. He loved it! He came home smiling and talking about the fantastic time he had. 🙂
Carol Kirk- ParentTotally recommend! My son went to the last one and he loved it! Worth every cent.
Natassja Hannay- ParentOur 10 year old loved Sean’s camp at Falcon and would recommend MindBuzz Camps to anyone and everyone who is a Minecraft nut!I think I said to you on the day of the camp that having a tech head Mum actually means my 2 kids are screen deprived, so Stirling was well and truly over the moon when I booked him in for a whole day in the world of Minecraft! Many around us couldn’t believe that I had signed Stirling up for a day to sit in front of a screen, and I must admit I was a little wary of my decision, but when I picked him up I was shocked by the fact that he had so much to tell me that wasn’t just about the ins and outs of the actual game. He couldn’t wait to tell me that you Sean praised and rewarded him for being a good leader because he helped others around him, and he loved hearing Sean’s stories to know a bit about himself and why he run the camps. I hope many more kids get to travel through cyberspace with Sean and his MindBuzz team.
Shannon Molloy- ParentThe boys had a great time today!
Skye Paterson- Parent +Today, Blayze finally got to go to his very first MindBuzz day camp (outside of hosp) and be with other kids he plays online with. A Huge THANK YOU to Sean for slipping us in 🙂 We met Sean in September when Blayze relapsed, and he's been apart of our journey ever since. I am very thankful he took the time when he could to visit Blayze when he was allowed visitors. Even though Mummy had to stay, (the only parent lol) I felt very blessed to be there with him and to watch him play what he loves most and even helping some of the other kids.. Made me melt 🙂 xxThe video is what Blayze built, a scary roller-coaster 🎢
Jacqui Mooy- ParentAnother awesome day… Tristan is looking forward to another one tomorrow!
Colette Roberts- ParentTy loves this day at Minecraft Camp and cannot wait for the next one.
Yvette Cherry Burbidge- ParentThanks. Zan had a great day!
Jackie Rosindale- GrandparentLooks like they all had great fun! xx
Leora Muller Viskovich- ParentThank you, kids had a great time!
Ness Hook- ParentThank you so much, Sean. My boys have had a blast!
Aleisha Hutchings- ParentSienna really enjoyed the last Mind Buzz Camp she did in Falcon (Mandurah) and learnt lots! 🙂
Lisa MacDonald- ParentThanks guys… Toby had a great time.
Chantal Doyle- ParentConnor is still talking about it. Thank you Sean!
Lynden Close- ParentMy son went to the last one and loved it!!! He was in his own Minecraft heaven. He learnt new skills and was able to pass his own skills on others.
Sonya Mac- ParentThank you Sean and John, Emily had a blast!
Nereda Pinker- ParentFantastic time had again. No doubt see you next time!
Nat Alvaro- ParentLeevi had such an awesome time he learnt so much he couldn’t stop talking about it. Thank you!
Rebecca Flaherty- ParentMy boys, Cayden and Damien, absolutely loved it! Thank you so much!
Kristy N Jason O’Neill- ParentCallum had a great time and learnt a lot of new things. Thank you!
Yolande Thiart- ParentThank you Sean. Kids had a ball and we just finished a walk and did a mailbox run and dropped B & F’s envelopes off with all your flyers. Enjoy the rest of your holiday Camps.
Sherri Smith- ParentMy son did this --- we missed the first Falcon ones and so drove to Bunbury! He and his mate had an absolute ball and loved it! Well worth it. Highly recommend it to all!!!
Jacqui Mooy- ParentThanks Sean for another awesome camp! The kids had an awesome time.
Mel Gunnell- ParentThanks for another awesome Minecraft Camp Sean! The boys had a great day!
Trish Moore- ParentKids had a great day! Thanks Sean!
Natalie Smith- ParentThanks Sean! My son William loved it!!!
Lesley Yates-Derby- ParentJaden goes to these in Albany. They’re so awesome! Your kids would love it!
Helen Martin- ParentThanks! Rowan had another fab time.
Demelza Jackson- ParentMy boys had a great time! Thanks so much Sean.
Katie Lings- ParentDaniel had a fantastic time. Can’t wait for the next one!
Nicki Edwards- ParentBilly had an awesome time. Thanks!
Rismi Cairns- ParentGrahame had lots of fun! Looking forward for Joondalup camp.
Natasha Kirkpatrick- ParentKids had a great day. Thank you!
Michelle Steel Lang- ParentMy boys said it was the best day ever!!!
Jo Chester- ParentI think Jack preferred it to Xmas! He had such a blast! Thanks so much -- he will definitely be back!
Libby Reid- ParentBailey Reid had a great time. Has not stopped talking about it since he been home.
Trevor Grover- ParentInteresting. Bet the boys had a wonderful time.
Misty Garrett- ParentThanks Sean for a great day. Declan had a wonderful time at the camp and hasn’t stopped talking about it all evening.
Ness N Si- ParentAdam had an awesome day, he is booked in for April and can’t wait. Thanks for your hard work and making it a great day for the kids.
Shelley Fynn-Kilian- ParentMy son had a great day. Thank you Sean!
Wendy Goffage- ParentThanks for another fantastic day.Lachie always comes home so happy.
Jodie Still- ParentHarley had a great day! Thanks so much!
Leanne Sage- ParentCorey had a great day! Definitely will be coming again. Thanks so much for the great effort you organized for our kids.
Joanne Bell- ParentMy girls came home buzzing. They had a ball and are even more enthused about Minecraft than ever. We’ll be back.
Maia Zuideveld- ParentBoys had a fantastic day. Thanks you!
Kell Rock- ParentAwesome camp!
Rachel Fry- ParentMy son Bailey had a fabulous time! Will definitely book him in again.
Suzanne Cross- ParentMy kids had an awesome time. Thank you!
Amanda Genetti- ParentLoved it. Have booked my kid in again.
Dee Sirolli Staples- ParentMy kids went to one in October in Kalamunda and he loved it!
Beth Fisher- ParentMy son loved your camp at Baldivis last November.
Karen O’Neill- ParentMy kids Dan enthused at workshop he attended. Thanks!
Linda Ann Budd Jordan- ParentAnother fantastic day for Josh at MindBuzz Camp. I love to see my boy so happy and excited before and especially after spending a day with other people equally as passionate at the MindBuzz Camps. (Wish I could say the same about his primary school!!)
Elisa Etienne- ParentHighly recommend - our son and his group of mates attended Sean’s camp and spoke about it for weeks!!! Great value and kids get a lot out of it!
Carol White-nee Nieper- ParentMother of the Year Award goes to… ME!!! Question, what would you like for Xmas? A: Anything for Minecraft!!! Xmas present done!!! Thank you Sean!!!
Michelle Hawking- ParentThank you. The girls absolutely loved it! They raved it so much that I’ve already booked them in again.
Kirsten Bosly- ParentBeckett already did it. He loved it!
Matt Johnson- ParentHe had a ball. Thanks guys!!!
Heidi Mansfield- ParentAwwww… our gorgeous girls had a ball!!! They can’t wait for next school holidays!!!!
Dee Lightful- ParentHe made lots of friends.
Aleisha Hutchings- ParentSienna (TikaCancan) had a wonderful time at her first MindBuzz Camp. Thank you.
Karoline Elizabeth- ParentThanks. The boys had a great day!!!
Rebecca Moore- ParentThanks for a great day, the boys loved it!!!
The Crafters' Club- Facebook GroupThese Minecraft camps might be worth checking out if you are in the area. 🙂
Janette Hughes Preston- ParentI know Connor loves Minecraft, but this is one outing you may have to just put up with, just to keep the lad happy. Lol!
Atlantis Play Centre- LocationWow the kids all had a blast today at the Minecraft Camp at Atlantis Play Centre! Thank you to Sean and Chris at MindBuzz. Atlantis are now running MindBuzz gaming parties!!!
Pollinators - CityHive- GeraldtonWe love having the available space to enable kids to learn and practice new skills! Thanks MindBuzz! #blooming
Rob Kainui- ParentThe only good thing it teaches them coding.
Wendy McAuley- Parent (Perth)I took the kids to this earlier this year, they loved it!!!
Nerang Community Info- FB groupNeed some respite from the kids....here is a fantastic camp for them.
Kylie Robins- ParentThis is what the boys have been on twice. They love it!! #Mindbuzz
Jen Lindsay- ParentCooper loved Minecraft Camp. Thank you MindBuzz!!!🙂
Tracey Jason Gillard- ParentDeakin had a wonderful time. Thank you!!! :):)
Leonie Dolder- Parentstar_boyRaiden had a fantastic day today. He was promoted to coach and had an awesome time learning new stuff and meeting new friends
Rebecca Mills- ParentJian had an awesome time! He’d love to come again.
Debbie Conrady- ParentWhat fun and educational!!!
Chloe Strauch- ParentThey had a ball!!!
Jacqui Rooney- ParentIf I’m not mistaken this is aimed at PC players. Sure our boys would love it though!
Carrie Coulson- ParentMy son has been to a couple in Joondalup, loves them!!!
Justin Twiss- ParentMy girls are still raving about the Sev Grove one. 🙂
Kelly Amanda- ParentMy friend’s kid went and loved it!!!🙂
Rosa Catalano- ParentIt is more of an educational thing than fun.
Helen Steicke- ParentBrianna went to this in Albany November. It’s brilliant!!!
Rebecca Pedlow Collins- ParentMy son has done these ones before and loved them! We are away then though so will miss this round...
Venus Stewart- ParentMy son Ty loved the MindBuzz camp!!!
Debbie Green- ParentWe’ve done one of these camps. They’re great! Will definitely doing another one of these. 🙂
Thomas Harrison- Camper?Thanks guys, Minecraft is a pretty amazing thing! 🙂
Nadia Nicholas- ParentThanks so much!!! Keely was super excited, and couldn't wait to get home to tell me all about it. She's definitely booking in for the next one!
Skye Paterson- ParentMy son Blayze had been helping lots of the kids today on Minecraft. He’s seems very happy with himself. It’s a great way to learn, good on ya! Blayze is very much onto anyone who isn’t doing right thing lol and always wants to tell you. Thanks heaps for always including him. You’ve made a bad year into a positive. 🙂
Laura Wait- ParentWe were so excited about it we booked straight away! Jacob can't wait but he has managed to upsell it to our house mates son, who also can't wait.
Amanda Jane McGrath- ParentMy son Ty loved the MindBuzz camp!!!
Adele Thorpe- ParentThey had an awesome time! Great idea.
Donna Ballantyne- ParentKodi loved this class. Talked about it for days!!!
Janine Ford- ParentMy girl Jaime getting her gaming on!
Vanessa Hughes- ParentRhys had another great day! Thanks Sean.
Janine Ford- ParentMy boy Ben getting her gaming on!
Casey Fiorenza- ParentOh I bet he had the best day!!!
Lorraine du Boulay- ParentThanks so much Sean. My kids came home absolutely exhausted but full of excitement about the awesome day they spent with you teaching them about Minecraft.
Lorraine du Boulay- ParentThanks so much Sean! Euan and Julia absolutely loved the camp. Hope to see you back in Geraldton again.
Brooke Bennett- ParentJosh had a great time at the MindBuzz camp.
Carol McCague- ParentGerard enjoying a camp day. Thanks MindBuzz!
Misty Garrett- ParentThis is Declan at his Minecraft Camp. He had a ball!
Ursula Fitton- ParentDraven at Minecraft Camp. He had lots of fun.
Carrie Pollard- ParentMy son’s favorite game is Minecraft. He learns new skills and gets to be online with others who are just as Minecraft crazy! Lol! He’s really good at it. Thanks MindBuzz.
Belinda Hammond- ParentAwesome pic as you can see he is engrossed and loved the MindBuzz camp. Recommending the camp. Thanks Sean!
Elani Watson- ParentChristian had an amazing time!!!
Tania Elvidge- ParentThanks Sean! Mikayla had a ball and telling me she is planning to go to Coach Camp.
Jessica Delaney- ParentEmily had a fantastic time at the MindBuzz Camp and is looking forward to the next one!
Catriona Harman Roman- ParentDaniel loved the camp so much and can’t wait for another one.
Kylie Langslow- ParentMy son had a fantastic time on MindBuzz!!!
Suzanne Cross- ParentMy daughter had an awesome time. Loved it. MindBuzz thanks so much!!!
Dann Biggam- ParentThank you for giving Maddie such an amazing day. She was on an absolute high when she came home.
Aaron Crowley- Camp CoachYou get to work with people and build amazing things. It’s so much fun that you don’t realise that you’re being taught. Being a Camp Coach of MindBuzz, it means a lot to me because people will look up to you and makes you feel good.
Camper Girl- CamperYou can build lots of different things and makes friends.
Julian King- CamperYou can learn new things and make friends.
Camper Boy 2- CamperYou will get an opportunity to play with other lot of kids.
Parent 1- ParentIt was a really good class and we had fun. I recommended MindBuzz.
Parent 2- ParentVery educational and very helpful to the kids.
Parent 3- ParentAn interesting camp. Can’t get enough of it. Attended with my kid 2nd time.
Simone Fiebig- ParentLoved it! Tom is now an administrator.
Anna Bram Luan- ParentPerfect timing… couldn’t for the life of me think of what to get my 10yr old Minecraft crazed kid for Christmas…Booked. Thank you.
Amanda Genetti- ParentMy son Leo loved it! Have booked him in again.
Dee Sirolli Staples- ParentKim jag went to one in Kalamunda and he loved it!
Sylvia Hoh- ParentMy son love the Minecraft Camp in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I look forward to hear from you. Thanks with regards.
Lesley Yates-Derby- ParentJaden loved these day camps. Totally worth it!
Shane Dickman- ParentBlake is enjoying himself.
Carrie Pollard- ParentMy son is still on a happy high. Thanks MindBuzz!
Tracey McAteer- ParentFrazer really enjoyed the MindBuzz Camp last Dec 17 in Joondalup. Thank you!
Tracey Bruse- ParentThe kids loved it!!! Thanks so much Sean.
Tracey Bruse- ParentWhat a cool dude! He had a wonderful day. Thank you.
Jo Hartnett- ParentMy boys had a fantastic day!!! Thanks!
Ali Mawdsley- ParentGlad my son had a great day!
Susan Bruse- GrandparentMy gorgeous Grandies who hasn’t stopped talking about the day. Thank you.
Susan Bruse- GrandparentGood looking group who had a great day. Thank you.
Michelle Kennedy- ParentChloe had a fabulous time at her first camp and of course Lachlan just loves them! Thanks Sean.
Benjamin King- ParentJacinda and Ross had a great time. Logged on to the server as soon as we got home.
Mandy Beggs Mignot- ParentThank you… Brodie had an awesome day he loved it days he learnt a lot. Thank you.
Czarina Rowe- ParentPaolo had an awesome day! He wants to attend more sessions 🙂
Samantha Coate- ParentStraight on the computer when she got home… she got a lot out of today - Loved it!
Michelle Jacobsen- ParentFunny enough. Zac got out of the car before I got in the garage and straight in to the computer. I’m so glad that they had a fun day. I hope tomorrow has plenty installed for Zac! Building flying drones is right up his alley!
Ai Yih Yan- ParentThanks Sean. Lucas had a wonderful Minecraft day.  Will see you again.
Justin Twiss- ParentBoth my girls went, loved it and want to go again.
Anita Princi Carbone- ParentVery well run day and a great way to get the kids started in joining servers in a safe, supportive way. My tech-mad girls loved it!
Tara Lockyer- ParentThanks for a great day, anyone who is thinking of booking their kids in definitely should! Every kid enjoyed themselves and everyone received heaps of help thanks to Sean and his coaches. Logan is excited to get on the server at home and keep practicing what he learnt. Thanks Sean 😊😊
Helen Smelter- ParentBoys are still talking about how great it was! Thanks!
Jesse Heath- ParentOscar had a great time! Now he is making us set up and old laptop for him to play on PC. Will definitely send him to the next one. Thanks! 👍
Cassandra Stapp- ParentMy son been to one before and thoroughly enjoyed it!
Vida Hustas- ParentThanks MindBuzz for a fantastic workshops. Our son has attended two different locations and has had an absolute ball!
Cindy Rebane- ParentI’ve been trying to write what I think about these camps for ages and tonight it came to me after seeing a photo of my son at front of class. My son who’s 10 has been going to Minecraft camp since he was 8... the first camp was at Perth, 2nd August 2015. I remember I was so nervous leaving him on his own and stayed close by the whole time. His now on his 80th camp to date and I absolutely have no problem leaving him there now. I can’t brag enough about Sean... he is amazing with Issac. I figured we live in a world of computer science and this workshop shows the kids how much fun it can be. It teaches nothing but positive vibes which my son embraces with all his might. It has strengthened his confidence, taught him to rub off sad times and focus on having a good time. Oh and his going to have friends for life... all of this only happened because of Sean... thank you Sean your amazing person to my son and to all of those kids. “The Best Camp Ever” from your biggest fan my son Issac1134
Britt McDonald- ParentMy two kids went on their first camp today and well they are absolutely buzzing to say the least. They utterly loved it and cannot stop talking about their day. Thanks heaps to Sean for bringing the camp to Geraldton. Highly recommend these camps if your child loves Minecraft!
Rachel Fernie- ParentMy son is still talking about what a great day he had today. He was extra happy to be given the title of ’Coach’. He will definitely be back next holidays!
Mary Ann Taylor- ParentWhat a fantastic day run by great people. Definitely worth the money and I highly recommend this program. Jack had an awesome time today. You both did a great job and I would highly recommend this to anyone. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again for another camp in the future. Thanks Sean!
Emma Archer- ParentSuch a great concept and a fabulous day out for my not-little and not-big daughter!!
Rose Leigh- ParentMy 7yo son thoroughly enjoyed today and is already asking when he can go to another one.
Marnie Kelly- ParentMy son Jack had a great time at the last camp it was so much fun and meet heaps new friends.
Dominique O’Neill- ParentGreat Minecraft camp, educational but fun!!!
Paula Maynard- ParentMy daughter loved it. It was her second camp and she was so excited to attend. Thanks Sean.
Vida Hustas- ParentThanks MindBuzz for a fantastic workshops. Our son has attended two different locations and has had an absolute ball!
Jodie Hammond- ParentBlake said he had a great time. Thanks!
Michelle Anderson- ParentTyson had a great time and enjoys playing with his new Mindbuzz friends. Thank you
Kelly Edwards- ParentMy son loved this!! An extremely well ran educational day that most importantly is heaps of fun!! Highly recommend!! 👍🏻
Raphela Van Der Laan- ParentMy kids love it. Thanks Sean.
Michelle Anderson- ParentTyson had a great time and enjoys playing with his new Mindbuzz friends. Thank you
Anna Clayton- ParentMy boys have attended many of these camps in Perth, they are fantastic. M&B would love it!
Ann Daly Vaughan- ParentThanks Sean Jack had a fabulous time as always see you next time.
Jacqui Mooy- ParentThank you for an awesome day out... Tristan absolutely loved it and catching up with everyone.
Helen LW Plexus- ParentThanks for giving them such an awesome day! Mine hasn’t stopped talking about it since I picked him up! And straight home and on to the laptop!
Claire Clark- ParentThe kids had an amazing time today - thank you! We'll be back 😊


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