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Minecraft Hour of Code

Yesterday I sat down with my 4 and a half year old and did the Minecraft hour of code with her. She is a massive fan of Minecraft as a result of coming along to countless Minecraft Camps over the last few ears. She just loves the game and has an amazing grasp for someone so young. So the hour of code activities where a perfect intro to coding for her. She really enjoyed doing it with me and she definitely needed me there to guide her through and explain things. It’s probably a bit advanced for her by a year or so but with a bit of help from me we made it through and had a great time doing it. She jumped straight back onto Minecraft afterwards!

I recommend your kids give it a go and you yourself should check out some of the other hour of code activities and tutorials because they are really well designed and are dead easy. They will help with your understanding of what coding is and we all know that knowledge of coding is going to be a strong influence in our children’s success in the high tech world they are entering.